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More about our current litter here

Why should you get a puppy from us at Gloria Leones?

Our care doesn’t end when you take the puppy home! Of course a new owner can take advantage of our breeders‘ services anytime. We can help when it's time to arrange an obedience school, have puppies, and also with evaluations, exhibitions and grooming.

We would certainly be glad if the new families of our "bearded babies" wanted to stay in touch with us! We will be able to advise you on raising your puppy, introducing it to dog and human society, exercising it, feeding, grooming and lots of other things as well.

We are also ready to take care of a puppy's fur, if the new master or mistress wishes. Puppies are fed with a granulated first class "baby food" mix. Or if the new owners of one of our darlings is interested in buying their own food, we can guarantee considerably lower prices that you would find in retail shops. And if you wish, we can even arrange the implanting of an identification chip. We are able to realise the puppytransport anywhere to abroad also !

Puppies will be tatooed and ready for their trip to their new home as early as their 8th week of age. Along with the new member of the family, we will also present you with:

  • a vaccination card (dog passport) with a list of vaccinations and dewormings performed
  • a certificate of origin after issuing the dog stud book, i.e., at about 4 to 5 months of age
  • advice about life for baby doggies
  • a purchase contract
  • an accompanying "owner's manual" in written fom
  • samples of feed
  • one of mommy's toys as a memento
  • a blanket for the nest with mommy's scent, to make the first steps to independence a little bit easier